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Christopher Coleman
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This is a profile written by Christopher 6/2003 and has been typed word for word as it was written.

Christopher B. Coleman
D.O.B.: 12/28/1971
Age: 31
Place of Birth: Houston, Texas--USA
   Christopher was born to Cora and Roosevelt Coleman. Due to his parents not staying together long, he was always moving from city to city and state to state because as a child he yearned to be with not just one parent, but both.
   What played a more vital role in his situation was that Cora was a single parent who often worked two jobs just to provide a life for not only Christopher, but his sister, Amy, also.  So at best Cora felt Chris--as his mother calls him--would benefit more by living with various family members who were more financially secure as well as ones who would be home with him because Cora worked days at one job, and nights at the other.
   Chris never attended the same school for an entire school year until he reached the age of 13, the same year his father died in Houston. So from early childhood, Chris was back and forth mostly between Huntsville, Alabama and Houston, Texas, attending various schools in each city and sometimes leaving one to later return to it the next year. Life for Chris has not been easy at all and he endured difficult childhood events such as the murder of his grandfather by his sister's father and often living with his grandmother Rosa in a house with no indoor plumbing.
   In some situations, Christophers life could be described as mediocre, but that would depend on where he was living at the time. It was ordinary in the sense of being a child with the worries of doing homework, etc., at some places, but this atmosphere could quickly change as changes of residences occured. And of course, with each new school, Chris endured taunts and difficulties, and sometimes fights that comes with being "the new kid".
   At the age of 17, Chris joined the Army while he was still a junior in high school. At age 20, Christopher's son, Demonta LaCarlos was born. And at age 24, Chris was arrested in Tennessee for capital murder, the same case he is now fighting from death row. Sentenced to death in Houston, Texas on June 6, 1997--the same day one of his close friends was murdered at a club only hours before his sentencing.
   Chris arrived on Death Row at the Ellis One Unit on September 10, 1997, and since that day he has diligently strived to save his life. First he tried working with his court appointed and whoever else would help him. Now, almost six years later, Bea and the ALIVE Organization have entered his life, as well as a few dedicated others, such as Nicole Walker (Omaha, NE) who has been writing Chris since 2001. Nicole has helped Christopher in a tremendous way on her own accord and created this website to help draw attention to his case. Also, Micki D. who was moved by a conversation with Christopher's mother and took time out of her busy schedual to look into Christopher's case, and has done so much to try to help save Christopher's life. A lot is owed to those two individuals for their dedication.
   The one who has always been by Chris's side through all of his trials and tribulations is his mother, Cora Coleman. She has never waivered in her support. Many mothers of death row inmates get so distraught that they turn their back, but Cora has always maintained her devotion. It has not been easy as she works, takes care of Chris's son, Demonta, as well as looking after her mother who has suffered three strokes and had both legs amputated due to complications of diabetes. So as you can see, Cora is a very strong woman which is where Christopher says his strength derived from.
   At the current time, Chris is in his Federal Stage of Appeals and he has a lot of things which support his claims of innocence. Most of these items are posted on this site and will be on his other webesite set up by Bea and the ALIVE group. Chris and his supporters are in the process of raising enough finances to help fund his defense as well as to prepare for a new trial as it is their goal to make sure that all of the injustice which took place in his original trial does not happen again. Some may feel they are jumping ahead with such a lofty goal, but they feel it is best to be not only prepared but positive in their thoughts so that they can stay focused on saving Christopher's life.
   The things which stand out the most in Christopher's case are the inconsistencies in the trial testimony and statements. The entire identification process as well as documented threats and coercion to witnesses and their family members. All of this can be viewed on this website. After reading it, you will see that a terrible injustice has happened.
   If you would like to help in the plight to save Christopher's life and attain his freedom, you can make a donation to one of his Legal Defense Funds posted here. Any help is appreciated and will be beneficial in the fight for justice!
   Thank you for taking time to visit this site!