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Christopher Coleman
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A Mother's Plea: An e-mail to me from Christopher's mom, Cora Coleman, about her son's desperate situation.

To: Everyone
From: Christopher Coleman
Re: What I Need
   In order to save my life, I need funds to hire a qualified attorney to represent me and to investigate this flawed case to it's fullest capacity. I am in great need of your financial help to represent me in my final appeal.
   Currently, I am being represented by a court appointed lawyer who has never worked on a death row appeal, and is unfamiliar with current death penalty laws which have recently been passed. Because my life is on the line, I must find quality legal representation. For this I need funds in the form of donations as there is no way for me to earn money while living on death row.
   My only hope lies in your assistance. It is in my sincerest appeal that I reach out to you now in an earnst effort to do all I can to save my life from the Texas Death Machine, which is running non-stop and is out of control. My words come to you now by extending a rope and I pray that all available hands will grasp ahold in this righteous endeavor.
   If you are willing and able to give assistance in this plight, donations can be sent to the Defense Fund address posted below. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at the addresses posted on the Contact Us Page. My address is also posted if you would like to contact me directly!
  Thank you for taking time to visit this site!
   Christopher B. Coleman

Contact Us

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Defense Fund Address:


Bank Independent
710 South Montgomery Ave
Sheffield, Alabama  35660
Account# 50 497 111
In the name of : Cora Coleman
Routing# 5555 0002

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