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Christopher Coleman
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Septemebr 2, 2002
   Some of you I may still communicate with and others I may not. But it is my intentions to re-connect and attempt to gain your support in the fight to save my life.
   For those of you I lost contact with, things have been in a steady state of turmoil and I have been working diligently on trying to secure my freedom and save my life. What I really need from you, if at all possible, varies in a lot of ways.
   First, I am reaching out in an earnest attempt to broaden my horizon and I am in need of someone who has the capability to set up a website to formally focus on all of the legal aspects of my case and I am prepared tp provide all of the paperwork for any interested party to this project. At this time, I don't have a working site to do this. Most of you at one point in time got my information from the internet of website I had set up for my defense, but do to problems with the website master, and his failure to finish the site completely, I am now in search of someone more prepared and willing to help in this endeavor.
   I ask if any of you would seriously be willing to help in this project to please write me and let me know because I have no other avenue to provide this kind of help so I am reaching out in all directions I know to try to find the needed help and I would appreciate any help I can get in this realm.
   Another thing I am search of is any legal advice on case law and any other things I can utilize to help myself. I currently have court appointed attorneys and my case is now in the State Court of Criminal Appeals awaitinf descisions on a Writ filed in March 2002 on issues involving Apprendi V. New Jersey and also Bush V. Gore, and Penry V. Johnson. My lawyer wrote me a few days ago informing me that most likely my case would be once again denied and I would then proceed to the Federal Courts to file my Federal Habeas Writ. I was supposed to have this filed in March of 2002, but through the efforts of my counsil my case was refiled in State Court with the remaining time left on my deadline would be put on hold until the State Court of Criminal Appeals ruled on my current State Writ. So by my counting, I have a little over a month from the day the State Court of Criminal Appeals issues a ruling on my current State Writ.
   There is no time frame on exactly when they will issue a ruling. So I could be ruled on next month or next week for that matter, which is why I am now reaching out in dire need to try and get the help I so dearly need.
   I truly need an investigator to work on my case and if any of you know someone with these qualifications I would appreciate you passing the word along to them. I am more than prepared to SHOW exactly why my case should be paid attention to. I have LEGAL Documents that show my conviction was tainted and this is the basis of my plea to get help to help push my case in the right direction and get JUSTICE in the untainted form.
   This is the main reason I am in search of someone to set up a website to point out the inconsistencies in my case and show the lies as they are documented. Many of you may be asking yourself if it is documented, then why did not the courts pay attention to it. This is a very good question and I can only tell you to look into it for yourself because I really can't speak openly on it without sounding the same alarm that so many others have sounded before me but yet went unheard!
   For me to say the system was out to get me would most likely come across as imaginary to most of you. But for the FACT of the matter that once all of you read my case in it's entirety then maybe it will not sound do absurd.  For me to say I was a SINGLE TARGET would be taking it far out of proportion, but to say that I am a TARGET in this specific case at hand is not so far out. I was given a death sentence while the other two charged in this case were given lesser sentences, and one was even given a lesser charge. While both got life sentences you might say life is a heavy burden also, but the difference is quite significant because they are not under a death sentence.
   The evidence in this case is based on HEARSAY! There is no physical evidence against me. The witnesses in this case are quite another story. The surviving witness of this crime has made several  different statements and none of them correlated with the others made by this witness. Her statements went from not seeing anyone, to seeing someone but not being able to identify them, to seeing someone but not being able to identify them because they had their face covered, to possibly being able to identify them but they had their hair and head covered, etc. The main point is that the statements vary so much. And when I had a line up, I was not picked out of it and later, because the D.A.'s case was falling apart due in part to the lack of identification and other State witnesses declining to to testify until they were arrested along with their mother who had nothing to do with anything concerning the case but was used to coerce her kids into testifying. The D.A.'s contacted my trial attorneys and told them that the line-up which they had attended and were witnesses to was in fact a possitive ID. At this time my trial attorneys who were present when the line-up took place and know that there was no ID had to withdraw from the case in order to become witnesses on my behalf because the D.A.'s were changing the results of the line-up to bolster their case.
   During my trial, the judge in my case would not allow my former attorneys, who had withdrawn from my case to become witnesses, to testify in front of the jury, but allowed the D.A. and State witness to say they picked me out in the line-up. Obviously, this was done in an attempt to get me convicted and this is all documented.
   Also during the line-up, there were several speaker malfunctions and I was left out in the front of the others for a long period of time, yet even through this I was not picked out and the person standing next to me, who did not look anything like me is who the witness said the shooter resembled.
   The witnesses who were arrested along with their mother were each held on a $150,000 bond for attempting to plead the Fifth Amendment. Another State witness was re-indicted for a past murder case againtst him which had been dismissed. The catch to this is that he was re-indicted only two days after informing the D.A. he would not get on the witness stand and lie against me. Plus he had two pending drug cases against him in the same courtroom and was on probation for another drug case and in prison boot camp at the time of all of this. He had made two affidavits seperate to all of this information at hand.
   There is more and I am willing for any of you who are interested in helping me voice myself on this agenda to send you any paper work that will offer PROOF of all I have spoken in this epistle.
   The documents consist of AFFIDAVITS, APPEAL BRIEFS & WRITS, and POLICE REPORTS, and TESTIMONY from my TRIAL.
   I don't have the funds to purchase my trial transcipts in WHOLE and if anyone would be willing to help with this it would be greatly appreciated and benefit this CAUSE even more because from that paper work I can get other vital information that will also back up the things I have stated.
   For those of you not interested in this cause or feel that you have no way to help, you can assist me greatly by simply passing this info along to others and informing them to do the same. Everything counts and is beneficial in this CAUSE. As I earlier stated, I am in search of investigative help as well as legal help (LAWYERS or LAW STUDENTS). I don't have the finances to hire anyone but if there are some willing to assist in this goal it would be appreciated also. Anything is helpful as I stated and for any who desire a further look into this CAUSE before decideing what direction you choose to take in this course or if you need more PROOF to help you decide or make your mind up, then please contact me and I will share all you need or desire to know about because this is SERIOS and I am SINCERELY in need of your help and my efforts to regain my FREEDOM and save my LIFE are REAL.
   Thank you for your time and assistance and please pass this information along to a friend. Make copies or e-mail it. Help to get the word out and assist in saving a life from death row.
Christopher B. Coleman