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Christopher Coleman
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E-mail to Nicole from Cora Coleman (Christopher's mother)

...You can put this on the website to let people know he (Christopher) could use a little help with things that's necessary to survive in that place. Also maybe something to let people know that Chris has to purchace everything from that place. Paper, pencils, stamps, socks, shoes, underwear, and food. They serve them slop or something they can't identify, knowing they will not eat it and will purchace food from their commissary to keep from going hungry. Chris has lost a lot of weight since he has been there. He has the flu now and they expect him to buy the medicine from them. You can't keep from being sick when you lack the necessary funds to get the things you need to survive. There is a lot of kind caring people out there who would help if they knew how bad things are. They charge high prices for the things they sell. If they would allow them to recieve packages in the mail, families could get articles they need to them. ANIMALS GET BETTER TREATMENT!