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Christopher Coleman
Message From Christopher 6/01/2003
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   This is for all who have taken the time to view my website and especially for those of you who signed my guestbook. Please keep checking in because we will be adding more as it comes: legal news and letters including appeal updates.
   Currently I'm in my Federal Stage of Appeals awaiting a response from the state on the issues I have raised in my Federal Writ. But in the meantime to keep myself busy, I read a variety of books and write letters to those who have stood by me through this struggle.
   I would like to say to Joan R. that I'm sorry to hear about your loss and I know pain as such but it can't compare to what you had to deal with. Stay strong and my prayers go out daily for you also!
   Also to Reidun J. thanks for your words and believe me I will continue to fight for my life and freedom. I have too much to live for.
   To Emma P. in France, your words were very much appreciated. Keep on pushing and eventually the wall will fall.
   To Mary C. who has a child on death row, never give up and please stick by him or her as you are a motivating factor for them to not give up or fall into depression and if at all possible visit them as much as you can. I only say this because due to circumstances I don't see my family and I know how it makes me feel. Out of my entire time here I haven't seen my mom or son, not because they don't want to see me but rather because they live out of state and other factors keep it from occuring. I pray something good happens for your son or daughter. So you stay strong also!
   Take care!
   Christopher Coleman