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Christopher Coleman
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Poems written by Christopher Coleman

My Expression 
Sometimes demonstrated with no language but yet it's felt,
And when I do use words just like cards they are dealt,
So whatever I expectorate, then that's what you get.
There's no turning back after it's done,
Our attitudes are the only thing to determine the outcome.

Like Me
Diamond in the rough--black steel,
a peacock retains it's beauty even in the midst of hell;
in order to get up you have to first be down.
A smile is nothing more than a reversed frown,
failure is a prelude to victory and success,
without the combination how could you be blessed?
Me--I've been through a lot,
broke, beat and damn near shot (several times).
I believe in resilence, which is why I keep coming back for more;
and I won't stop until I enter Heaven's front door!
So--if you're going through life like me,
just know you can never give up or quit,
because with the next step you just might make it!

Da Trembler
Quaking and Faking,
panicky over trivial matters;
Scared of risks,
as if the world is made of glass.
Call yourself a leader--but I just laugh,
knowing you're a paper tiger,
fronting, hoping no one pulls your card;
Never realizing you won't make it bluffing like you're HARD.
Seen you get a metal edge-up,
and your cowardness was revealed,
yet you're still disillusioned,
thinking you're real!

Spread your wings and reveal your brilliance,
charm the onlooker with magnificense;
Provoking stares of awe,
after witnessing a caterpillar transform so far!
Metamorphosis is complete,
illustrious beauty so unique;
Although there are many of your kind,
I've never seen nor touched one with your shine.
If I could enter your heavenly dimension,
I'd have you cooing about submission;
Now's the time to alleviate any doubt,
Allow me to meet the butterfly down south.

Almost Got Rained On
Walking to Grandma's one night,
   I almost got rained on!
Thank you pecan tree--you saved my life;
   I almost got rained on!
By them cowards running in packs;
Hotlanta coming from the underground,
   I almost got rained on!
By some wanna-bes,
University Drive in the 'ville,
   I almost got rained on!
Mason Courts! Geah dem boys was for real!
West-side in the Heights at the courts,
   I almost got rained on!
By a Neutron in a black Escort,
   I almost got rained on a whole lotta times--but the thunder and lightning was
   all mine!

It's All Good
For those of you who know but still neglect,
   It's all GOOD!
Just cause I'm quiet and cool don't mean I don't feel;
I remain calm although frustration builds but--
   It's all GOOD!
Because I'mma chill,
knowing my time's going to come;
Best believe once it does,
I'm gonna have fun--so,
   It's all GOOD!
Even as you look at me and laugh,
expecting me to bow down and kiss ass;
But never will I do that,
I would rather die than to dishonor the black;
Believe me--
   It's all GOOD!
Geah I'm caught in a tense situation,
daily struggle mixed with toil,
surrounded by many tempers that boil;
Do I like it?  Hell no!
Am I in need?  Fa sho!
Will I beg?  Another hell no!
   It's all GOOD!
Just to let you know,
No matter what the situation becomes--
   It's all GOOD for this one!

Not My Fault
I didn't start it nor did I ask for it to happen,
but in this life sometimes you have to do things you don't want to,
just because another wanted to test you.
   Why? You ask--
I guess the answer lies in many realms:
insecurity, paranoia, and just wanting to be!
And due to these pathetic reasons,
I had to strike back;
So because I'm up against a viper,
I make sure I do it right!
'Cause that snake will never strike in another fight.
Yes it's retaliation demonstrated with precise calculation;
You call me evil, but I say self defense.
He left the job incomplete and I'm not going to sit and wait on him to come and finish!
When the horror show is over and the screams fade away,
Just remember--It's not my fault he went to his grave!

Kaiven Nadia
Entered this worl with all odds against you,
your middle name and God's grace sustained you.
Life Path Eleven
Sent straight from heaven,
you bring joy and lift our mood;
New addition to the family brood,
smile so unique,
precious from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet!
The future holds something bright for you,
you and Los together are two creative tools;
For humanity--and your family,
and if you ever need me all you have to do is call,
because if your ever feeling weak I'll never let you fall.
So keep your mind focused and let your eyes shine bright!
Never give up in the middle of the fight!

All As One
It's not just about me,
because I live in a death row community;
Even though we all don't strive the same,
but for those that do--
If we're united we are all bound to break the chains
of oppression and legal murder,
surrounded by sadistic guards out to hurt ya.
At every opportunity they get,
with us united a lot of them will get wet;
And I'm not speaking on feces or hot water,
it's open tissue--signs of slaughter!
Stereotyped!--We all are the same,
in society's eyes we take the blame;
So it's all as one wheter we like it or not,
convicted and thrown in one pot;
Tempature's rising--
some are getting weak,
breathe of you will see defeat
for those who start falling from giving up and losing hope;
We're still all as one--
You just stop paddling but you're floating in the same boat!!

Inside the Circle
Brother beyond all others,
holder of thine key;
Show me!
Reveal your essence,
and I'll look inside your heart;
Shall it be light or should it be dark?

You assume I'm a member of the sheep
because I am quiet;
That is good--by now you're relaxed,
let your guard down and unprepared for an attack.
Thinking "Too Much" of yourself,
due to peons chasing you like wealth;
But I don't eat out the trash,
which is why I let you all pass;
For one you're too infatuated with salt,
and for a blackman that leads to a major assault,
something I don't need;
And second tou have no higher ambition than TDC,
so it's already understood--
If you're not about the cause than to me you're no good!
Striving to save my life,
not looking for a wife,
especially one everybody else has had;
I'm never in need that bad,
still got my principles--morals--dignity,
don't need your sympathy,
What I need is some real help;
Never one to beg--I still got self,
so with or without you I'm going to keep on keeping on,
and when I walk out the door--I'm gone!!